Senator 'Chuy' Hinojosa appointed to Budget Board

It's the cloud looming over the state, an estimated 11 billion dollar deficit.

"I think it's prudent now, for a variety of reasons to look at tightening the belt," said Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst.

Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst said with a little tightening here and there, he is hopeful the state's budget will be balanced soon.

"As I look at the 2011 session, I believe we are going to have enough tools in our tool kit to balance our budget without raising taxes," he said.

Dewhurst announced a new addition to the Legislative Budget Board--Valley native Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa.

"I'm very honored and very proud to be appointed as a member of the legislative budget board because we make all the finance and appropriation decisions in the interim when we are not in session," said the Senator.

Hinojosa will be part of a group responsible for drafting the budget. The State Senator said the Valley is fortunate to be one of the fastest growing areas in Texas.

He said the state is spending money here for Valley needs, and he is happy to be part of that.

Hinojosa's colleague Senator Eddie Lucio said he looks forward to Hinojosa working on the budget and keeping the Valley in mind.

"We certainly will be counting on Mr.. Hinojosa to make sure that any actions that are taken, that the Valley is included," he said.

Hinojosa said he will work hard so that the Valley will see a continuation of money being invested.