Senior Citizens trying to survive on Social Security

Beatrice Garcia loves to make wreaths.

She places each flower on the pre-made wreath and steps back to admire her work.

She said this is the only time she is able to sit back, relax, and enjoy life.

Beatrice, like so many other senior citizens, lives on a fixed income.

She depends on her monthly social security check to get her through her twilight years.

"No one knows what it's like unless they live it," said Garcia.

She said those checks, she has worked her entire life for, are not always enough to pay the bills.

Garcia is sometimes left with little or no money for necessities --like food and medicine.

"We try and work so hard when we're younger to have something when we're older," said Garcia. "So how come we can't make it in life?"

Luckily, Garcia said, she has a place to go to when things get tough.

That place is The New Third Heaven in La Joya.

It is an adult day care center where Beatrice can make her wreaths and enjoy a nice hot meal.

But unfortunately, places like this are also suffering, trying to hold on day by day.

"With all of these cut backs and all of these new regulations being imposed...who is going to provide the service to the elderly population?" asked Director of The New Third Heaven Rachel Rodriguez.

She said those in the federal government need to realize that senior citizens deserve more than the bare minimum.