Sensors and cameras help agents combat smuggling

Border Patrol

Texas Border Patrol agents across the Valley are battling the odds against them.

As much larger groups of immigrants are being found in stash houses, agents are using special tactics and equipment to secure our border.

This year along, agents have captured 110,000 illegal immigrants.

Border Patrol Spokesperson Henry Mendiola said it's thanks to all the agents in the field, technology and everyone keeping their ears on the ground.

"This works with narcotics works with human smuggling, but when you have all the components you certainly do have much more success," Mendiola said.

He's referring to the different types of cameras and sensors the agency's uses to detect movement along common smuggling routes. This is a seismic sensor.

It's buried in the ground making it hard to detect. Mendiola said these sensors are just as useful today as they were decades ago.

"It sends off a signal when you walk by it, close to it, or over it. It will send a signal to our dispatcher and dispatch will immediately notify the agents on the ground," Mendiola said.

The equipment may seem outdated, but when used in combination with new technolgy like cameras, it becomes an invalueable resource.

"A sensor goes off and they immediately pan the area with the sensor and determine whether its animal trafficking or a perhaps a local citizen lives in the community on a walk so once we detect that this is not a threat then we dont have to save agents into the area," Mendiola explained.

Border Patrol said areas right along the river tend to get the most traffic, but its not just families crossing our borders-it's criminals too.

Since June 1, Mendiola said agents caught 18 sex offenders and nine gang members trying to re-enter the country.

Mendiola told Action 4 News that's why it's important to keep tabs on the illegals crossing over.

"Unfortuantely, the general public seems to think these are poor people coming into the country to make a better life and while that may hold true for some, it doesnt hold true for others," Mendiola said.

He said Border Patrol agents don't just secure our borders, they also keep our communities safe by keeping those that don't belong out.