Sentencing for accused teen murderer: Trial becomes heated

Javier de la Rosa stood still, with no emotion, as the prosecution in his sentencing trial told jurors in closing arguments that evidence points to only one conclusion, that de la Rosa is a cold blooded killer. Assistant District Attorney Chuck Mattingly vividly simulated on his own body all the 48 stabs 17-year-old Tiffany Galvan endured the last night of her life in August of 2010. Her body later dumped in a Brownsville park. "When you think of this beautiful young girl on that hot, sweaty, stinky August night lying on that trail bleeding to death, said expressed Mattingly to jurors. De la Rosa plead guilty to the brutal slaying back in March. Prosecutors said the teen stabbed her thinking she was pregnant. "Those stabbings were not coincidental, said Mattingly. They were methodical. -puncturing her lungs-- because he thought she was carrying his child. Forensic experts confirmed in court last week that there was no baby. Defense Attorney Rick Canales told jurors de la Rosa is a troubled teen, provoked by Galvan when he tried to break up with her on several occasions. He asked for the least amount of time in jail for his young client. After hours of closing arguments jurors convened for the day. Everyone exited the courtroom and Javier de la Rosa sat alone. For the first time on this day showing some sign of emotion, burying his head in his hands. Jurors are expected to continue deliberations tomorrow to decide how severe Javier de la Rosa will be punished for killing Tiffany Galvan. We will also find out if jurors will be allowed to listen to phone calls de la Rosa made from his cell.