Series of hit & run accidents ends in front of clothing store

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Authorities are investigating a series of auto accidents caused by a man who drove about 2.5 miles before crashing into the front of a store.

Brownsville police said 43-year-old Sean Morris was behind the wheel of a Ford Explorer used in the mini-crime spree on Friday night.

The SUV hit two cars at a red light on the 4400 block of Boca Chica Boulevard and continued driving down the street.

Morris allegedly hit another car off Simpson Street and Boca Chica before turning into the parking lot the nearby Fallas Paredes clothing store.

The 43-year-old TMs SUV hit at least three parked cars before coming to a stop at the store.

Police detained Morris at the scene but paramedics rushed him to the Valley Baptist Medical Center in Brownsville for treatment.

No other injuries were reported but the case remains under investigation.