Seven-year battle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma not over for Laguna Vista woman

Concepcion Buitureira never expected that she would still be battling cancer seven years after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin TMs lymphoma.

This diagnosis came as a huge surprise since Buitureira says she never smoke or drunk but lived a healthy lifestyle constantly exercising.

Before being diagnosed with cancer, Buitureira says she was a stay at home mom who dedicated every day of her life to her two sons and husband.

She says she was constantly playing with her sons and was always the loudest on the stands in every football game cheering for her boys.

Once she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin TMs lymphoma, her son, Daniel Buitureira, says you could hear the silence in the stands because his mother wasn't there but at the doctor's.

46-year old Concepcion Buitureira says that she knew something was wrong when she felt constantly tired doing her daily routines and a growing pain in her legs.

"Tired and pacing down and I didn't know what was going on," Concepcion Buitureira said. "My legs were getting weak on me and I was having trouble walking until I couldn't walk at all. I had to go to a hospital and that TMs where they found I had lymphoma in my back."

After a seven-year battle during which she underwent three surgeries, chemotherapy and steroid treatments the cancer never went away.

During those seven years, Buiturerira never went into remission.

Six months ago, Buitureira made the risky decision to go off her medications.

"I stopped the medicine myself because I wanted to see if I was going to stay the same stage or what was going to happen, obviously it progressed," Concepcion Buitureira said.

Her husband of 25 years, Luis Buitureira, didn't support this decision.

"She just felt tired of the steroids, she said that thing makes her mean and she was never happy with that," Luis Buitureira said. " I always tell her honey you got to take it because the doctor's says so and she said I am tired, I don't want to do it no more."

However, a week ago after once again being in so much pain that she couldn't walk, tests revealed that Concepcion's cancer had gone from stage 1 to 3 in 6 months.

Now she is receiving radiation with the help of relatives since her family doesn't have the money to pay for it or health insurance.

Butureira is one of many in this country who is currently uninsured.

She says she never got insurance because she never thought that she needed.

However, Buitureira tells Action 4 that she is currently working on getting health insurance before the March 31st deadline to enroll for the Affordable Care Act.

Insurance she will need for future case since her doctors tell her she needs to go get treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for a chance to live longer but that will cost the Buitureira family over 8 thousand dollars.

"We just need to get her there and with everybody TMs help I know we can do it," Luis Buitureira said.

Concepcion Buitureira isn't giving up either.

"It's not that I am scared but I still have my boys, my mother," Concepcion Buitureira said. "I mean I still think I have a life to live, I am 46 years old."

Right now, the family is doing everything they can to raise money.

They are selling enchilada plates from Isabel TMs Caf at Port Isabel for $4.50.

To buy plates contact the Buitureira family at 956-579-5883.

The family also plans on having bake sales to raise funds and will be opening a bank account for donations.

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