Severe weather traps 200 people at McAllen bingo hall

Customers waiting for floodwaters to go down

A regular night at bingo turned into a nightmare for close to 200 people in McAllen.

Severe weather rolled across the city dumping several inches of rain while golf ball and marble-sized hail caused untold damage.

Customers at Americana Bingo off North 23rd Street in McAllen became trapped by floodwaters an the hail.

Susana Barrera said the power went out briefly and that the sound of the hail hitting the roofs sounded like bullets.

Barrera said they were trapped inside the bingo hall while cars were flooded and hailstones broke windows outside.

Customers waited out the storm inside the bingo hall watching TV to learn more about the severe weather around them.

Barrera said she stayed put because the flooding was worse where she lives in Mission.