Sex Offender Gives Parents Scare on Halloween

A group of Mercedes parents are calling for action after they spotted their former neighbor and convicted child sex offender, Carlos Martin Aldape out on their street Halloween night.

"You have to lock them all up, not let them in the street where all the people are around, a parent who wishes to remain anonymous said.

Aldape is only listed as a low risk level, but after seeing him out on Halloween, some parents felt uneasy.

"How are you going to be letting a child molester riding around on a bike while there are kids around. That TMs upsetting as a parent, another parent said.

These folks reported to police.

Action 4 News spoke with Mercedes Police Chief Olga Maldonado who said if Aldape wasn't handing out candy, he isn't breaking the law.

While some cities like Edinburg have specific ordinances that require registered sex offenders to stay at home with the lights off and hang a sign that says ~no candy'. Mercedes does not.

And that doesn't console parents.

"How can you not do anything about it? You're the law. I think that is concerning," said one parent.

The parents who spoke to Action Four actually lived in the same apartment building with Adalpe until a few weeks ago.

On October 12, Maldonado arrested Aldape when Mercedes Police discovered he was living at the unregistered address in the school zone for the Mercedes Early Childhood Center.

But today Aldape is free again.

Although Maldonado says he lives at an address further from the school, he's still seen in the neighborhood.

"Kids in the park are playing and I have friends at the park that tell me they have seen him there looking at the little kids play, a parent told Action 4 News.

Maldonado said Aldape is currently compliant with the law and has been warned if he is not, he will be arrested again.