Sexual assaults go unreported

Jorge Garza

A Brownsville man is behind bars after he allegedly raped a woman and threw her phone as she attempted to call 911.

"She was not only sexually assaulted but she was physically assaulted as well," Cameron County Chief Deputy Gus Reyna said

According to Deputy Reyna, the victim was asleep inside the home when Jorge Garza startled her awake.

The man grabbed her by the waist and sexually assaulted her up to five times.

After the attack Chief Reyna said the victim was able to get away and call 911.

Garza was allegedly upset over the call, knocked down the door to the bathroom and managed to break the cell-phone and proceeded to continue beating the woman.

Court documents show Garza grabbed the pregnant woman by her hair and started banging her head against the door. The little information she was able to provide to 911, Chief Reyna said was enough to save her life.

"The best thing that an individual should do is remain calm don TMt struggle with the individual," Reyna said

In domestic situations such as this Chief Reyna said the abuse often goes unreported which is something the Cameron County Sheriff's Department is hoping will change so that the victims can get help.

"Every person involved in situations like this should report their incident to their local authorities a lot of this goes unreported and it TMs a shame some of these men get away with it," Reyna said

According to the Cameron County Sheriff's Department, from January to June of 2013 they have had 31 reports of sexual assault.

Chief Deputy Reyna said the most alarming part about these stats is that many of them go unreported.

So the actual number could be much larger.