Shady contractors leave roofs undone in McAllen neighborhood

This neighborhood in McAllen has seen better days.

What once was a place to call home before the hail storm back in March is now a construction site.

An unattended construction site that is.

Roofs are left with only blue tarps to shield the home from the elements, and homeowners are blaming one company, the company on this sign: Ponce General Contractors.

Rick Michelena says that every home in the neighborhood that went with this contractor, including himself, has been waiting for two months for their roofs to be fixed, and it hasn't happened yet.

"He promised me that if I paid him so much money that I would have the project done in three to four weeks. And as you can see, we're not even halfway through," said Michelena.

Michelena and I took a short car ride down the neighborhood. He says all of his neighbors got damage from the storm, and some neighbors got their roofs fixed through other contracting companies within a matter of days.

But the homes that went with Ponce Contractors, almost six homes in this neighborhood alone, have not seen their money's worth.

"The only reason there are shingles on my house is because I spent twelve thousand dollars of my own money to go get the shingles, Michelena added.

Michelena contacted the Better Business Bureau concerning this case.

President Dolores Salinas says that many people from the McAllen area have called with the same concern, how contracting companies like Ponce have taken their money but have left the job undone.

"The companies are not coming back. They are being promised that they will be there tomorrow, they will be there next week. And they TMre just not showing up. Whatever the company does or doesn't do for their customer, it will become a matter of record. It will be reported on at the resolution of that complaint," said Salinas.

Now what does Raul Ponce of Ponce General Contractors have to say about this?

We called him early Thursday evening.

He says that he has had his men working on the roofs, but the reason it has taken so long was because the materials will not arrive until the next day, Friday morning.

He even said that they have cleaned up after they stripped the roofs of their damaged shingles.

"We're waiting for the material. We're going to pick it up tomorrow, he said. Everything is cleaned up and moved out. We even moved the old shingles, the wood shingles.

But piles and piles of scraps were still lying in homeowner's backyards.

And even though we drove around the neighborhood during a normal business day, not one house with the Ponce Contractors sign was being worked on.