Sharyland ISD could get new high school

Sharyland ISD is known as one of the best districts in the Rio Grande Valley, but its high school is getting the reputation as one of the most crowded.

That's something school officials want to change with a new school, but first voters need to vote yes on a bond election.

Right now the high school has 3,047 students at Sharyland High School.

This is my seventh year as superintendent and it was always a goal that we did not want to go over 3 thousand students. The high school has doubled in size over the past 10 years, said Superintendent Scott Owings.

By the end of this year, Sharyland ISD estimates the high school will reach 3100 students.

We had 37 kids in one classroom and it was a very small classroom and it was very packed and the teacher couldn TMt get out of her desk and it was dramatic. It was dramatic, said Andrea Hernandez.

The district already has the 91 acre site to build the school, if voters vote yes to the bond election, the school should be ready by 2014 and located at 6 1/2 mile North and Shary Road.

With an estimated cost of $55 million, the new school would house 1700 students with room to grow.

We really pride ourselves in kids being involved in activities and as you get larger fewer and fewer kids get to be involved, so we want to get them involved, interested in school and active, said Owings.

The bond election is November 8.

If it passes, the taxes increase 9.7 cents.

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