Sharyland ISD TMs new superintendent an outsider

A changing of the guard at an Upper Valley school district.

There's a new top administrator at Sharyland ISD.

"Historically they've done very well academically," said Dr. Virginia Richter.

She's taking the helm at Sharyland Independent School District just in time for the upcoming school year.

The veteran educator worked 24 years for PSJA ISD and hopes to bring that experience to Sharyland.

"So I knew it like the back of my hand," said Richter.

She is from the area but considers herself an outsider of the district when it comes to knowing how things are ran on the inside.

But that TMs something she plans to change and that's not all.

"Being the best, the best in the Valley," said Richter.

The incoming superintendent already has a list of goals.

First, find out what's working and what's not.

Next, understanding what the state expects from schools when it comes to STARR testing.

"When you go into education wanting to do the best you can for students to educate them, to give them opportunities to be successful its even more special when you can do that in your own backyard."

Also on the list, taking advantage of the 90 teachers in the district with masters degrees to increase the number of dual enrollment courses to help prepare students for college.

The new superintendent starts work next week.

She replaces Scott Owings who resigned in February.