Sharyland student identified as Cimarron murder victim

Corner of Glasscock Drive and Rio Grande Drive in Cimarron Country Club

Authorities have identified a 17-year-old Sharyland High School student as the victim in a murder at the Cimarron Country Club.

Mission police told Action 4 News that Efrain Reyna was killed in a deadly Tuesday night shooting where another person was injured.

Four people are in custody with investigators spending Wednesday morning searching two homes as part of the investigations.

Investigators told Action 4 News that several shots were fired but Reyna was shot execution-style.

The shooting reportedly happened last night near at the intersection of Glasscock and Rio Grande Drive.

Police report the other victim is in stable condition at McAllen Medical Center.

They say the driver of a white Toyota Tundra dropped the injured off at McAllen Medical Center.

Investigators confirmed that they have detained that vehicle as well as a Mercedes SUV and a black truck.

A number of vehicles were seen at the location of the shooting with Mexican license plates.

Four suspects are reportedly in police custody, while police continue to look for two more suspects.

A motive is not clear but police believe they do have one shooter already in custody and are still looking for another shooter.

Authorities raided two home on Wednesday morning as part of the investigation.

Many wealthy families from Reynosa and Monterrey have homes in the Cimarron Country Club.

The country club had been considered by many a refuge from the violence south of the border.

The Sharyland Indepdent School District release the following statement about Reyna's death:

"We are deeply saddened by the loss of a young life; our condolences go out to his family. Unfortunately, we cannot control everything that goes on outside of school; but our parents and students should rest assured that we take seriously the safety of our students at school and take appropriate measures. Our counseling plan for a grieving event will be initiated."