Sheriff deputy crashes into woman and son

It's an intersection where several people have lost their lives, and in an attempt to keep other fatalities from occurring, the city of Brownsville installed street lights on Dana Avenue. Tonya Peebles of Harlingen said not even that helped her and her son Aaden escape a crash.

She said the driver cited and found to be at fault is a Cameron County Sheriff Department deputy. Peebles said she was driving down Ruben Torres Boulevard at about 45 miles per hour, when she came to the notorious intersection. The uniformed sheriff deputy, she said, failed to yield on a left turn and hit the front end of her car.

"Before I knew it, we were hit and I didn't know what was going on, Peebles said. The baby was yelling and screaming and crying, and I reached back to get him out of the car seat. Even the back seat was pushed forward from a spare tire and tool box that were in the trunk."

Peebles suffered a dislocated elbow and the car was totaled.

The county's insurance company has been in contact with her to figure out compensation for the vehicle and medical bills, but she feels that the sheriff's department hasn't done enough in response to this accident.

She said they could TMve been more compassionate especially since she won TMt be able to work for several weeks and said her rent and her son's Christmas could be jeopardized.

"I could've lost my son - that's all I have, Peebles said. I could've been hurt more seriously. There does need to be more training or consequences for not following the laws that they expect us to follow."

Sheriff Omar Lucio tells Action 4 News that Chief Deputy Gus Reyna spoke to Peebles and even offered her a rental vehicle.

Lucio adds it's unfortunate the accident happened, but he's letting investigators and insurance agents do their job in this case.