Sheriff Embarrassed over Deputy Indictment

It was supposed to be a routine traffic stop.

A driver ran a red light at about 3 a.m. in the morning on the outskirts of Brownsville.

However, Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio said the driver refused to stop.

Things quickly got out of hand.

Now, former deputy Arturo Ramos, Jr. faces one count of official oppression.

"He handcuffed the driver in the vehicle and put his hands behind his back," Lucio said, "and for no apparent reason, (the deputy) used unnecessary force, knocking the driver of the vehicle to the ground."

Sheriff Lucio is setting the record straight.

"Is it embarrassing to me? Yes. Is it a black eye? Yes," Lucio said.

On the same day Ramos was indicted, the Cameron County District Attorney's Office also indicted County Commissioner Ernie Hernandez, former DPS Trooper Jose Angel Munoz, Jr. and county construction leader Juan Millan Lemus.

Ramos had no previous reprimands, but this serious allegation could not go ignored.

"If we were to hide something like this, then we are no better than the people out there committing crimes," Lucio said.

The sheriff adds the laws they enforce, do not exclude those in uniform.

"Once you put on a uniform and a badge, you're representing the entire United States - you're representing the people."

Lucio said this is an isolated case and hopes county residents will not lose trust in his deputies.

They can trust and they can depend on us, we are here to help them and protect them," Lucio said.