Sheriff: Facebook post lures man to park where he's beaten, robbed

These three are accused of using a Facebook post to lure a man and rob him

Genavi Lozano is the 20-year-old Brownsville woman who reportedly admits to posting the online bait.

It's a message on Facebook asking if anyone wants to chill with her.

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio says at 5:20 a.m. on June 24th, an 18-year-old man from Brownsville unsuspectingly becomes her victim by agreeing to meet with her.

"So he went by, picked her up, he explained. He didn't know her name. He just called her Morenita Chula which means good-looking girl."

The two head down Browne Road and stop at Benavides County Park.

The sheriff says Lozano asks the victim to sit with her on a bench.

Shortly after, a white Cadillac four-door car parked near the pair.

The sheriff says Kristine Sanchez and Kevin Pursifull, both from Brownsville, are inside the vehicle.

Pursifull asks to borrow the alleged victim's cell phone.

"So he walks over to the vehicle and the big guy follows him," the sheriff said.

What happens next is straight out of a horror movie.

The victim tells a sheriff investigator from the hospital how he's hit on the back of the head with a metal baseball bat.

It causes him to immediately fall to the ground.

Pursifull continues to allegedly beat him all over his body breaking his jaw in the process.

Meanwhile, Sanchez goes through his pockets and steals his car keys.

The two suspects dash towards the victim's vehicle.

The injured man is able to run and hide in the brush behind a county building in the park.

The sheriff says it was a trap.

"They were trying to rob him, he said. That's what they were really trying to do. They wanted his car. They tried to take his car."

But he says the trio behind the ambush couldn't figure out how to start their victim's rundown Pontiac Sunfire.

They ended up leaving this scene with just $6 and a bottle of the victim TMs prescription pills.

The sheriff believes the victim is lucky.

"I mean the guy could have been killed right then and there," he said.

Both female suspects have been arrested and charged with aggravated robbery.

The sheriff says they both admitted to their roles in the Facebook led robbery.

Pursifull is believed to be hiding somewhere in North Texas and remains a wanted man.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts can call the Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department.

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