Sheriff: Homeowner shot & killed gunmen pretending to buy roosters

The home owner claims he shot the men in self-defense

Hidalgo County investigators are questioning a homeowner who claimed he shot and killed two men in self-defense.

It all happened off Sioux Road and Mariposa Street just north of Donna around 7:04 p.m. Sunday.

Investigators said two men arrived at a ranch in Alamo where they claimed they wanted to buy roosters.

The men TMs identities have not been released.

The two men drew guns but the homeowner told deputies that he reacted by getting his weapons and shooting at the armed men.

According to authorities, a trail of blood shows where a man collapsed after running for his life contradicts the home owners claim.

Both men died from their gunshot wounds at the scene.

One victim was shot twice in the head.

The other victim was shot twice in the upper torso.

Authorities told Action 4 News that the home owner and a friend are the only witnesses.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Office reported that there is reasons to justify that it could be categorized under Home Castle Law self-defense case:- The men were not invited into the home- The home owner felt his or his friends life were in danger of deadly force- The home owner was not engaging in criminal activity

"There is other evidence that we have recovered that we are not ready to release that does indicate other than the application of the Castle Law," Sheriff Lupe Trevino said.

Investigators discovered a cock fighting ring on the property and evidence the home owner was raising roosters.

The home owner and one of the dead men are said to have extensive criminal history.

Authorities have not identified the second man.

Neighbors told Action 4 News they never noticed any loud parties our large gathering at the house. The home owner is in the hospital and during questioning, he complained of chest pain and was taken in for medical treatment.

His friend was released, but is wanted for a second round of questioning