Sheriff investigators search for animal abuser

Baby and Adam are back at home recovering.

Her recovery is nothing short of a miracle."Baby" was mutilated with a sharp object possibly a machete along with Adam, another dog belonging to a family who lives on Ansley street in Edinburg. Adam received a slash to the back of his neck and recuperated immediately while Baby's injuries were life-threatening and took longer to heal. But here she is, playing and walking even though her skull was broken and her vertebrae nearly severed.Captain Jerry Lopez with the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department says this animal cruelty case has been a tough one to solve since no one apparently witnessed the dogs getting hacked and there is no weapon.After our call to Sheriff Lupe Trevino, investigators were back out on Ansley Street questioning neighbors once again asking whether they knew of anyone who would want to harm these dogs.The sheriff's office promises they will do what they can to bring the person responsible to justice and say crimes against animals will not be taken lightly,Baby is back at the home on Ansley street, but under her owner's watchful eyes indoors and taken pain medication while she regains full movement back in her legs.Her eyesight was not affected and neither was her spirit, but the Brown family won't take any chances with their beloved pets roaming the neighborhood where they can no longer trust the people who live around them.Adam is staying with another family member and is in great condition.Now sheriff investigators need your help finding the person responsible. You can anonymously call their crimestoppers line at (956) 668-TIPS.A group of private citizens have started a petition to push the investigation and even gathered a hefty cash reward for information leading to an arrest.