Sheriff: Kidnapping suspect may be armed with hand grenades

Kidnapping Victim: Juan Pedro Borjas

Authorties said that a kidnapping outside Weslaco has taken a turn after investigators learned that the main suspect may be armed with hand grenades.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevio said kidnapped victim Juan Pedro Borjas escaped but knows at least one of his captors.

Borjas was kidnapped back on Feb. 11th just north of Weslaco.

Sheriff Trevio said Borjas is an aquaintence of Jose Juan Mendoza, a man who has been identified as one of his two kidnappers.

The discovery comes following a raid at a home on Mile 22 1/2 North just outside Edinburg after 4 p.m. Wednesday.

"Random kidnappings are extremely rare, there is always a relationship between the victim and the suspect as is the case in this kidnapping," Trevio said.

Sheriff Lupe Trevio told Action 4 News that a search warrant was issued at the home investigators believe Mendoza lived at.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff Departments' SWAT team raided the home and did not find Mendoza, but did find evidence connected to the kidnapping investigation.

Investigators believe Borjas was kept at the home for up to two days during the kidnapping and are now searching for a second location and a second suspect who has not yet been identified.

Witnesses to the kidnapping said Borjas was forced into a four-door Black Dodge pick-up truck by two men armed with rifles.

Shortly after the kidnapping, Borjas called his wife to tell her he was being held for ransom.

Borjas escaped his captors and was found by a woman on her way to drop her child off at school.

The woman gave him a ride to an Edinburg CISD campus and that's where he notified an Edinburg CISD officer he had been kidnapped.

Sheriff Trevio said children were never in jeapordy.

Investigators have not established a motive for the kidnapping.

Neither Mendoza or Borjas have criminal backgrounds.

Mendoza is believed to be somewhere in Hidalgo County, armed with two to three hand grenades and extremely dangerous.