Sheriff Lucio admits to assisting in Hidalgo Co. federal investigation

Alleged corruption in Hidalgo County has sent shock waves across the Rio Grande Valley.

Two Mission police officers and two Hidalgo County deputies are accused of smuggling cocaine with intent to distribute.

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio spoke to Action 4 News about the scandal, praising the efforts of investigators in this case.

"It is unfortunate for these things to happen, said Lucio. However, you have to give credit to the people that did the internal investigation."

Sheriff Lucio said this is a case of the police policing themselves.

He also told Action 4 News that Cameron County played a part in this federal investigation.

"I have officers that are attached to customs, to the FBI, to the DEA, said Lucio. We have a contract with the federal government."

Sheriff Lucio said they were able to cross county lines to assist in the undercover portion of the investigation.

Although official corruption is a stigma not only in the valley, but worldwide, Lucio said the majority of law enforcement officers do their jobs with good intentions to protect and serve the people.

"When there's anything like that, we police our own people, said Lucio. If there's a violation of the law, then they're going to take proper action. We're all trying to do the same thing, and that is to take care of the people here in the United States."

Sheriff Lucio did say that he sympathizes with Sheriff Lupe Trevino, who is the father of one of the Mission PD officers in federal custody.

However, Sheriff Lucio did stress that any corruption should be dealt with and eliminated.