Sheriff says 'Alton homicide could have been prevented'

Mujeres Unidas

Hidalgo County investigators believe Miguel Angel Garcia dumped his red pickup truck just south of Donna and swam across to Mexico after he allegedly shot and killed his wife Wednesday afternoon.

Garcia eventually made his way back into the United States and is now being questioned by investigators.

"This case is really tragic on a lot of different levels, Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevio said. We have a homicide that could've been prevented. We also have the 11-year-old daughter that witnessed the homicide."

The daughter was not the only one to witness this gruesome crime.

Sheriff Trevio said an 11-year-old neighbor was at the home too when Garcia allegedly shot his wife.

Trevio added that Nora Lee Garcia filed charges against her husband, twice. But both times, he said, she dropped them.

"That is something that would have given us the opportunity to be able to use one of the tools that we have to break that cycle, Trevio said. Statistics show that the aggressor will usually kill the victim when they say 'enough is enough, I'm leaving.'"

That is what happened Wednesday afternoon.

Trevio said Nora had enough and when she tried to leave, Miguel grabbed a shot gun.

He only shot once, but it was that shot that killed her.

"If they're telling you they're going to kill you, telling you this is going to happen if you leave them then it is time to make a phone call, Rosalinda Rodriguez with Mujeres Unidas said. This is your life."