Sheriff says El Chaparral mom lied

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio

Authorities have released new details about the arrest of a Brownsville woman who allegedly left her children home alone with a 14-year-old which she went out to the El Chaparral Night Club.

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio said the Virginie Macias TM 14-year-old nephew told authorities he was never aware that he was supposed to babysit the children for the night.

He said he left the home shortly after his aunt did, leaving four children alone.

Sheriff Lucio said neighbors reported the kids were home alone at around 11:30 Saturday night, after hearing a lot of noise coming from their apartment home.

When officers arrived at the complex on the 2600 block of Carlos Ave. they found the 14-year-old with an 11-year-old, two 10-year-olds and a 6-year-old.

Sheriff Lucio said that Texas law states children 14 years and older can be legally left alone, but in this case the teen denied being the children's babysitter that night "It is a dangerous situation, Lucio said. We see that quite often for whatever reason, why these people think they can get out and go especially when you go out to a club, I mean what about your children? I think that means a lot to the mother, a lot to the family, and if she needs to do that she needs to get a babysitter or make sure that someone is really going to take care of these children."

Macias was arrested and charged with four counts of child endangerment for a total bond of $10,000.

She also has an immigration detainer and the children were turned over to relatives.

Sheriff Lucio said parents should use discretion when determining if a teen is mature and responsible enough to be left home alone.