Sheriff Trevio: "Who's on trial?"

Former deputy Jorge Garza // File Photo

Who's on trial? That's what Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino was heard wondering out loud leaving McAllen's federal courthouse on Friday.

Sheriff Trevino was subpoenaed Friday to take the stand in a federal drug trafficking trial that was expected to focus on former Hidalgo County deputy Jorge Garza.

The testimony captured the attention of those in the courtroom and those viewers following Action 4's Brett Crandall and Sergio Chapa on Twitter.

Sheriff Trevino was expected to testify about his knowledge of Jorge Garza and drug trafficking; however, the focus turned to Trevino.

The questioning centered around fudged timesheets, deputies campaigning on county time, and employees being forced to buy and sell re-election fundraising tickets from Trevino's campaign.

At one point, the Sheriff wondered out loud while leaving the courtroom, "Who is on trial here?"

On the stand, Trevino reiterated that deputies had to volunteer to work on his re-election campaign, and that they had to do campaign work on their time off.

The embattled sheriff, whose own son plead guilty to his role in the panama unit scandal, testified that selling fundraising tickets was also on a voluntary basis.

As for allegations that drug traffickers made campaign donations and/or paid for food and drinks for fundraising events, Sheriff Trevino stressed he had no knowledge of that.

The Sheriff was also asked if he had a boat, and how much he paid for it.

He quickly responded that he did stating he paid about $26,000 via a personal check.

The sheriff's testimony in the trial is expected to continue on Monday morning.