Sheriff's Cmdr. Padilla fired following federal charges

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A sheriff's commander with the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department has been terminated amid the federal charges being brought against him.

Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department Commander Joe Padilla was arrested on December 24 in connection to two felony counts.

The commander was served a termination letter.

There was a delay in the termination, due to the Christmas holiday.

Padilla was terminated after a the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department consulted with the county's attorney.

Padilla was arrested on drug and money laundering charges.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff, Lupe Trevino responded to the termination by reiterating the department will continue to deliver their services at an optimal level.

"We have already implemented anti-corruption measures last year after the Panama Unit arrests," Sheriff Trevino said in a statement.

The sheriff said they department will continue to bounce back amid the arrest of their second-in-command.

KURV, a radio station in the Rio Grande Valley,interviewed Sheriff Trevino about the allegations brought against Padilla.