Sheriff's office aims to strip away tarnished image

Working in the shadow of corruption, the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office is looking to clean up their image and they are making noticeable changes to do it.

Interim Sheriff Eddie Guerra wants the public to know they can trust the new administration following former sheriff Lupe Trevino TMs guilty plea to money laundering last week.

Sheriff deputies are striping the tint off their windows to reflect of a new age of transparency for the office.

Sheriff's commander John Montemayor said recent accidents involving deputies have been traced back to the dark windows.

"We checked some of the units and it turned out they had illegal tint on them, Montemayor said. Of course as we all know tint will hinder your vision."

Monetmayor said nearly half of the 250 units in the fleet will need to have their illegal tint stripped off.

"The sheriff feels that safety is first and it starts with the operator and deputy and after that the public will get the affect," Montemayor said.

While employee safety is number one, public trust is also a primary concern.

"A lot of times you want to have that transparency. You don't want to have questions when you see marked unit and they have dark tinted windows that is the last thing we want to have from the public. We want to have open communication, Monetmayor said.

Stripping away the tainted image will take more than removing a little tint--but Montemayor says it TMs a step in the right direction.

"We want to have a transparent office and it's going to start by looking at it from far away, Montemayor said.

It will take a couple of weeks before all the vehicles have the tint removed and when they are finished it may even save taxpayer money by preventing accidents as well.