Shocking photos expose fly infestation at Mr. Taco with insects on food

The worst inspection on Food 4 Thought goes to Mr. Taco on 1034 McDavitt in Brownsville with 46 demerits. The restaurant is busted with a fly infestation so bad; kitchen cops are able to freely snap photos of flies in food. They're caught on cilantro. They're even exposed in a taco that's ready to be served. Other violations include dirty floors, raw and cooked meat on a cutting board next to each other as a cross-contamination concern; food is stored outside and unprotected along with temperature abuses on food as well. The health department followed up on the fly infestation and cooler related items only with no repeat violations discovered. Dairy Queen on 801 West Business 77 in San Benito is a low performer. The former 2009 sticker winner gets a visit from the Food Patrol for scoring 31 demerits. What's not on the menu--expired foods and foods uncovered, improper defrosting of strawberries as a cross contamination violation, toxic items improperly stored and dirty utensils. Abel Cantu is Dairy Queen's assistant manager. He admits the inspection results aren't the restaurant's best. "We'll do better," he said. He adds how the staff worked hard to get the violations down to just 11 demerits on a re-inspection. "He got us pretty early in the morning so some of the food wasn't on temperature yet and my cook checks it," Abel said. "We don't serve it until we check the temperature and if it's not then we reheat it the fryer." It's not every day the Food Patrol gets an apology from the owner of a meat market recently featured for roaches and mice poop. "When that report hit the air on Food 4 Thought, how did it affect business?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked. "A lot," Marta Rios, owner of RC's Meat Market in Weslaco said. "I was very surprised but it did effect a lot." Two weeks ago, RC's on 135 South Bridge scored 23 demerits. The manager blamed the violations on an inspector's vendetta for having rival political signs outside the meat market. Marta Rios, who's the owner, says that's untrue and blames herself for the insect and rodent contamination. "I had a company here doing the work and I called them to ask what happened," Marta said. "They say sometimes the chemicals don't work. That was the excuse. I should be here more." And Marta is now at the store more often. She says she TMs there almost every day. RC's has a clean re-inspection and a new pest control company. What TMs her message to dirty diners? "Food 4 Thought can be good for a business or it can break it!" Just ask the owner of China Coast on 1008 North Texas Boulevard in Weslaco. The restaurant is the newest featured top performer with zero demerits and a sticker on the door from the Food Patrol. "We've got good food and a clean place," Jerry said. You know what the Food Patrol say to that--"Keep it clean."

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleMr. Taco 1034 McDavitt (46) *Flies in Taco and Cilantro, Raw and Cooked Meats on Cutting Board*

San BenitoDairy Queen 801 W Bus 77 (31, 11) *Expired Foods, Improper Defrosting*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

WeslacoChina Coast 1008 N Texas

MissionPizza Hut 821 E 9th St

BrownsvilleSubway 100 Alton Gloor

AlamoWing Stop 1451 W Duranta

HarlingenI cook U Eat 624 W Van BurenTSTC Cafeteria 2424 BoxwoodGarabatos Grill 162 E HarrisonHime Sushi Bar 901 Ed Carey DrLas Vegas Caf 1101 W Harrison