Shogun in McAllen crowned 'dirtiest' by Food Patrol in 2010

Shogun on North 10th Street in McAllen enters Food 4 Thought's hall of shame as the dirtiest restaurant of the last year.

The Japanese Steak House scored 60 demerits on a health inspection report.

It was followed by a 49 demerit inspection report a short time later.

The owner, Tony Yu, sat down with the Food Patrol to try and save his business from ruin.

Ryan: "Do you understand why we do what we do?"

Tony: "You want for the people healthy... You want the people to come get clean food... And a safe food... That's your job."

Shogun has been a low performer restaurant on the program over most of the last 5 years.

In 2006, it scored 35 demerits.

The restaurant was shutdown for nearly a week for roaches.

"The building is 40 years old," Yu said in an interview back then. "We try and maintain the best we can but we are only tenants, not the owner... We do the best we can do."

In 2007, Shogun scored 31 demerits.

Once again the restaurant was shutdown.

This time the violations included rodent contamination.

Inspectors found urine on bags of rice, according to the report.

The then acting manager tried to downplay the violation.

"I eat here... Like here I'm actually eating right now," he said.

In 2009, Shogun scored 36 demerits.

Yu blamed his staff for poor cleaning and sarcastically asked the Food Patrol to help clean.

"You wanna be manager for my restaurant," he asked?

It wasn't until last year, when Shogun scored its highest demerits ever.

Kitchen cops snapped dozen of dirty photos that exposed unsanitary conditions.

They showed everything from shoes on food racks to splatter in bins.

There was even a photograph of toilet scum.

Yu admits now, public health was at "risk."

Ryan: "The day that you scored 60 demerits... Should you have been open that day?

Tony: "Yea, that's why after we score 60... We close one month to remodel everything."

Ryan: "Answer me this... Should you have been open that day... Period?"

Tony: "We should not have open."

The month-long makeover turned out to be a period of reflection for Yu and is restaurant.

He installed new walls, a ceiling and floors.

Yu also realized he needed a new attitude on kitchen cleanliness.

Ryan: "Was it our stories that really gave you the kick in the butt to get clean?"

Tony: "Ah, yea... It's good... At least people know we should improve... And I don't say anything wrong with you... Ok."

The improvements at Shogun are easy to spot.

Yu wants potential customers to know it is safe to eat at his restaurant.

"No rats, no roaches.... right now very clean because they have no hole... They cannot come in," he said.

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