Shooting at Brownsville Daycare

Parent's who take their children to Kid Bridge Academy never thought their child would be exposed to a shooting.

Tuesday night in Brownsville police say an estranged ex-husband showed at 870 Alton Gloorvready for revenge.

Sgt. Jimmy Manrrique tells Action 4 News he walked in and around with a 380 caliber hand gun, went up to her and shot her 3 times striking her all three times."

Police say 45-year-old Alfred Aranda Aguirre was upset because his former spouse Virginia Aguirre was moving on and dating other men something not ok with Aguirre.

Police add the victim wasn't happy with his constant badgering forcing his ex-wife to take drastic measures of her own. He had been served with a protective order sometime last month and sometimes this got too much for him to handle," said Manrrique. Aguirre decided to open fire at Kid Bridge Academy, shooting his 44 year old ex-wife in the neck, back and head area but thankfully received no fatal injuries.

According to authorities she is currently at Valley Regional Medical Center in stable condition and looks to recover soon.

Sadly during this shooting Aguirre did not fear for the safety of 2 little ones still at the day care waiting to get picked up, luckily police tell us the children were not harmed.

Kid Bridge Academy is now back and open for business.