Shooting lands man in hospital; victim and suspect knew each other

Early Wednesday morning, a truck plunged into a Mercedes canal, breaking a concrete bank now hidden beneath the water.

One witness said his son saw the accident right after it happened.

"My son saw two people crawling out of the canal, said witness Pete Aguilar. My son said, 'I think there's a truck that dove in.'"

There were a total of three people inside the truck, but the driver was shot in the arm.

Mercedes police said it didn't take long for the victim to tell police who shot him.

"We're getting conflicting stories from people, but apparently they do know each other, said Mercedes Police Chief Olga Maldonado. It stems back from a couple years ago."

According to police, the shooter was riding as a passenger in another vehicle that began to pursue the victim's truck.

"The victim reports that apparently he sees somebody flashing their lights at him, said Chief Maldonado. He thought it was somebody that needed his aid, so he stops and gets shot at."

At the sound of the shots, the driver tried to get away, but lost control of the truck and flipped over into the canal, landing upright.

The two passengers were able to protect themselves from the shooter by hiding in an drainage pipe.

The shooter in custody was identified as Orlando Munoz.

His driver is still at large.

Munoz was sentenced to prison for an attempted capital murder charge back in 2004, but was recently released on parole.

"You never know when something like that's going to happen, said Aguilar. And when it happens right in your back yard, it's kind of scary."

Munoz was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, his bond set at $500,000.

Currently the victim is in the hospital in stable condition.

As of now, the two uninjured victims have not pressed charges against the shooter.