Should term 'illegal immigrant' be banned?

Martha Sanchez with the La Union Del Pueblo Entero

Recognized news organization, the Associated Press (AP), has banned the term illegal immigrant.

The Associated Press announced the new guidelines for the term on Tuesday.

All that said, the discussion about illegal immigrant underlines the sensitivity of this topic, and reminds us that writing about immigration requires care and precision, AP said.

When covering a story regarding immigration, journalists disagree on which terms are correct or incorrect to use.

AP has advised reporters that the word illegal can only be used in reference to an action, not a person.

Local immigration advocates agree with getting rid of the word.

"We are supporting this effort, Martha Sanchez with the La Union Del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) said. We are happy because I know that when people use that word. It TMs like a degrading word and we are definitely happy that now we going to have to address the people without documentation in this country."

The Associated Press said the terms, Illegal Alien, An Illegal or Undocumented Immigrant are also banned.

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