Showdown between Border Convoy and Valley residents

Showdown between Border Convoy members and LUPE

The Border Convoy out of California wants to see the local Rio Grande Valley community take action.

"Anyone here that wants to stop buses we will support that effort. We can wait here overnight with you, we must encourage the local community to take charge of their community, stop these buses, and we will help you," said Border Convoy spokesperson Pete Santilli.

Santilli is expecting the immigration crisis to grow.

Should Barack Obama start mentioning amnesty, which he is, it TMs going to be hundred fold increases," he said.

But local activists like L.U.P.E spokesperson John Michael Torres said he doesn't agree because it TMs undocumented immigrants have been coming here for decades.

It's fine that they are here, but their message of hate and ignorance is not welcome in the valley and they shouldn TMt bring it with them," said Torres of the California protest group.

Torres says these immigrants are actually refugees.

With the extreme violence that's happening in those countries, trying to say it TMs the government that is somehow responsible for this, creating this, or exploiting this is ridiculous," he said.

However, the Border Convoy said their actions are misunderstood.

We didn't come here to talk about our differences. We didn TMt come here to protest our differences," explained Santilli.

Instead, the Border Convoy wants all activist groups to come together and fight for a common goal.

We need to be concerned about 100 percent of these immigrants...these people would never say no to making sure immigrants are treated humanely, have proper medical treatment, and that there's no criminals within this human trafficking network," said Santilli.

The Border Convoy group did not want to disclose when and where they will be during their time in the RGV due to the death threats that they have received during their trip, but said they will stay in the valley over the next couple days.