Simulation helps Public Works crews prepare for emergency

Public Works crews prepare

If another disaster strikes in McAllen, Public Works crews said they will be ready to respond.

A McAllen Public Works crew spent the day created a 2500 foot berm to see how well they can work together and communicate if a disaster were to strike.

An estimated 150 men and woman were aiming to complete the project in McAllen TMs composite facility in just 12 hours to simulate an emergency situation.

The exercise is designed to prepare public works crews to work together quickly in the event of a flood, where they would have to build a levee along the Rio Grande River.

Public Works Director Carlos Sanchez said it requires a lot of coordination

In an emergency type situation we would need to build something like that in a 12 hour period. So our staff, our operators are getting that training that mode of urgency and management staff is also getting the sense of communication," Sanchez said.

The Texas Department of Emergency Management was present to evaluate the disaster preparation.

Crews were aiming to finish the drill by 8:00 p.m.