Singapore Visits the Port of Brownsville

Singapore based company Keppel Amfels was visited by representatives from the Singaporean Embassy.

The embassy was invited by US Congressman Solomon Ortiz to tour the plant.

Ortiz said it was important to show the embassy what they are investing in.

"We need for their government to know what they TMre doing here and this is the first visit by the Deputy Chief of Mission, said Ortiz.

Deputy Chief of Mission for the Singaporean Embassy, Ong Siew Gay came down on behalf of the Ambassador who couldn TMt attend because of illness.

Gay said he was surprised at what Kappel has done in the Valley.

Brownsville we heard was one of the most successful ones. And I came here today on behalf of the Ambassador to have a look at the operation. I was very impressed, said Gay.

Keppel is one of the biggest employers in the area.

And even at that Chief Gay feels that the partnership between Kappel and the Port of Brownsville can only get stronger.

Together they are working in partnership to create economic value to the local community and also bring back something to the local community, said Gay.

Congressman Ortiz tells us that the Singaporean Embassy already has plans for a return trip.