Sink Hole Forms in a Harlingen Family TMs Backyard

Victor Hernandez

The sink hole is nearly a story deep.

The Harlingen family says the sink hole came out of nowhere Saturday.

Victor Hernandez received an alarming call from his wife that there was a big hole in their backyards full of water and she didn TMt know how deep it was.

Thinking she was exaggerating he told her that he will deal with it later.

Once he arrived at his East Polk Street home, what he saw left him speechless.

When I came by the house and then I saw this, I was really astonished, Hernandez said. I didn TMt know what to think and this is more than I can handle.

Hernandez told us that it was on Sunday they were finally able to see the depth of the hole.

About ten feet deep and you could see old irrigation lines made of clay.

He tells us that every time he goes out it gets bigger.

Saturday, Sunday it grew in diameter by two feet, Hernandez said. The side is falling, its caving in.

The family has been living in this rented home for three months. Sylvia Hernandez tell us that she doesn TMt want to live here if this isn TMt solved fast.

I am scared for my children, that something were to happen to them, Sylvia Hernandez said.

The family says they are worried for the safety of their four children and one grandchildren but specially their disabled son Brandon.

Brandon TMs brain was never fully developed.

Right now they are taking extra precaution that none of their kids goes to the backyard.

They want answers since they are completely clueless of what this is and how dangerous it could be.

The concern is it appeared out of nowhere so we need to fix it, Hernandez said. The question is well who fixes it or how.

Harlingen Water Works System engineers spent Tuesday morning inspecting the property. \

An initial analysis shows that the sink hole may have been caused when either an old, inactive water cistern or an old, inactive septic system collapsed.

There does not appear to be any connection to an existing Harlingen Water Works or city pipeline.

If those preliminary findings are correct, Harlingen City Engineer Javier Zamora said the best way to resolve the sink hole dilemma would be for the landowner to fill in the hole with dirt.