Sisters lose school uniforms and supplies in fire

It's been a crazy day for this Brownsville family who in 24 hours has become displaced.

"I never thought my room was going to burn down."

Alondra Flores is only 15 years old and instead of enjoying the final few weeks of her summer, she's helping her family clean up hers and her sisters TM room that was burned in a mid-morning fire.

Her mother says the air condition unit caught fire and it spread so quickly they weren't able to salvage anything from inside the room where the 3 girls sleep.

Luckily everyone got in time.

But not the electricity - the entire home is cut off and won't get turned back on until an inspector gives them the green light.

"We have to stay at my Aunt's house."

Alondra and her sisters, who are 13 and 12 and all getting ready to go back to Cummings Middle School on August 25th, lost all of their clothes including brand new school uniforms, all of their new school supplies including backpacks their mother just purchased plus every single item that was in their bedroom.

What they have on today is all they have to wear.

Her mother holds back tears explaining how hard she worked at the local flea market to be able to afford the new uniforms and backpacks for her daughters and is struggling to find a way to buy even more clothes now for the girls while trying to rebuild and care for the other 5 children as well.

Alondra is the oldest of the 8 kids and breaks down because she feels sorry that her parents worked so hard for what was lost.

The 3 girls all wear the same size, 10/12 in girls and size 5 shoes.

They are in need of red polo TMs (any brand) or t-shirts as well as black shirts as part of their school uniforms.

The home is located at 420 W. Madison in Brownsville.

Go to for more information on where to drop off donations.