Six arrested following drug raids in McAllen, Mission

Valeria Cerda Sanchez

Six people are facing criminal charges after being arrested in a series of drug raids in McAllen and Mission.

McAllen police lead the drug raids at three homes where they reported seizing 115 pounds of marijuana and 4.6 pounds of cocaine on Wednesday.

Investigators told Action 4 News that authorities raided homes off Kendlewood Avenue and 49th Street in McAllen as well as a third house in Mission.

McAllen police arrested six people and identified them as:

Valeria Cerda Sanchez Nelly Cristina Romero Cerda Efrain Vasquez Sanchez Pedro Enrique Vasquez Sanchez Oscar Eduardo Gallego Cantu Pedro Cantu Sanchez, Jr.

The first three suspects were all charged with possession of a controlled substance and possesion of marijuana and given $180,000 in bonds.

Jail records show that the last three suspects were all charged possession of marijuana and given $60,000 in bonds.

McAllen police are not releasing more details at this time citing an ongoing drug investigation.