Six more arrests made in stolen gasoline scheme

Larry Muñoz (left) and Cesar Rodriguez (right) were arrested last week

An investigation into a gasoline theft scheme started with two arrests but has now ballooned into six more people being charged.

Some $20,000 dollars worth of gasoline stolen from a convenience store in Brownsville.

Agents with the Texas Comptroller's Office arrested the six amid an ongoing investigation:

Javier Camacho Toribio Creado Yadira Creado Juan Antonio Cuellar Ofelia Sanchez Armando Zuniga

The six are facing felony theft charges.

Court records show they are accused of participating in a scheme to steal some $20,000 thousand dollars worth of gasoline form a 7-11 store off West Elizabeth Street in Brownsville.

The scheme came to light just last week when Cameron County District Attorney's Office investigators arrested Larry Muoz and Cesar Rodriguez.

Muoz worked as a manager at the store and allegedly tampered with an electronic keypad allowing them to pump free gas.

The scheme ran for months until auditors from the store detected it.

It's still not clear what the group was doing with the free gas.

Right now the case remains under investigation.