Slain teacher's family react to arrest of third suspect

Sonia Perez was one of 13 siblings.

Sadly, her death brought them together Monday at a San Benito funeral home.

The family said the news of her death came as a complete and unexpected shock.

"No - we were just not expecting this news - for us it was devastating, Francisca Olvera, Sonia Perez TMs sister said.

Then came the news that Sonia TMs husband, Julio, was allegedly behind the murder.

Cameron County Sheriff Department investigators said Julio Cesar Perez paid Daniel Flores Lopez and Gabriel Apolinar Escalante a total of $1,300 to "take care of Sonia."

Escalante was allegedly the middle man receiving $200 for his role.

Meanwhile, Flores, the alleged triggerman, was paid $1,100.

Olvera said it is overwhelming news.

"I don TMt know if it was him but, it's incredible - it's just really incredible, Olvera said. It's a big injustice what they did to her.

Silia Solis TMs family has been friends with Pastor Julio Cesar Perez for more than 20 years.

She refuses to believe he plotted to kill his wife.

"Honestly I don TMt believe it - I don TMt think it's possible," Solis said.

However, there is one belief she firmly stands by, even if Perez is found to be guilty of his wife's murder.

"(God) forgives everything if we really come to Him and we are sorry about what we did - he forgives everything," Solis said.