Slain teen TMs mother warns of abusive relationships

Tiffany Galvan TMs bedroom remains mostly intact.

Her bubbly pictures, precious guitar and even baby dresses give her mother an escape from the grim reality.

"It's the worst feeling that can ever happen to a parent, her mother, Maria Galvan, said. I never expected it. She was a very nice beautiful daughter."

On August 25, 2010, just two days after celebrating her 17th birthday, police found Tiffany's body at Benavides Park on Browne Road in Brownsville.

She was stabbed nearly 50 times.

Nearly one year after the anniversary her death, Tiffany TMs ex-boyfriend Javier de la Rosa is standing trial for her murder.

Javier de la Rosa, 16 at the time of the murder, will be at the 107th District Court in Brownsville on Thursday morning for a pre-trial hearing.

Also there will be Tiffany TMs mother, Maria Galvan.

"It's been very hard for me all this year, she said. I still have a wound in my heart."

The motive of her death has not been determined, but many who knew the teens speculated De La Rosa had ~lost it TM because tiffany was pregnant. But Maria denies that rumor, "The autopsy report came out negative she was not pregnant. But I just don TMt understand if that was the reason that she was pregnant, why did he have to take her life?"

Throughout the past year, friends, family and faith have helped Galvan cope with the pain.

"It TMs very hard for me to say, but, yes, Tiffany would tell me that she was having problems, she admitted. I tried telling her stay away from him. She broke up the relationship.

She can't bring back her daughter, but Maria is reaching out to other parents hoping to prevent another tragedy.

If you see something strange in your kids, in their girlfriends or boyfriends immediately do something about it."