Sleeping daughters woken up by burglars inside their home

Rafael Garza // Cameron County Jail mug shot

Two daughters woke up and found two men inside their home after the burglars had knocked down their front door.

The father of the two girls contacted authorities about the burglary in San Benito.

One of his daughter TMs allegedly saw a suspect carrying their television, according to documents obtained by Action 4 News.

The incident happened late last week around 9:30 at night.

The suspects fled the scene, but the victim TMs other daughter was able to take down a description of the vehicle.

Cameron County sheriff TMs deputies were dispatched to the 2300 block of Resaca Road in San Benito.

A description of the two suspects was given to the Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department who referred the information to the San Benito Police Department.

The San Benito Police Department was able to locate the vehicle used in the crime.

That TMs when they gave chase and caught up with Rafael Garza and David Torres.

Officers with the San Benito Police Department were able to locate an SUV, which was left unattended with a flat screen.

Garza and Torres allegedly implicated Rene De Leon in the crime who was found at a nearby residence.

However, De Leon said Garza and Torres were showing off the stolen items and asked him if he would like to purchase the stolen property.

One of the daughters was taken to the police station where she identified Torres as a burglar.

Torres and Garza were arrested on a charge of burglary of habitation.

Garza TMs bond was set at $40,000 for the second degree felony charge.