Smartphones giving you the best bargain!

Forget about clipping coupons this holiday season.

This year when you head out to the stores don TMt forget your smart phones.

With thousands of apps being offered, the best deals are right in the palm of your hands.

It TMs easy, for instance, if you TMve been eyeing the Nintendo Wii console, with apps like Redlaser and Price-grabber all you have to do is scan.

You take the product and scan the bar code and in a matter of seconds you get the best deal available.

Many of the shoppers Action 4 spoke to had no idea about the apps.

David Davila, a shopper we spoke to said he was excited to learn about the apps since they not only save you time but also money.

We also showed shoppers Ray and Iva Scheuer exactly how some of the apps work and they were sold.

I think that's a great thing... I might have to get that on my droid...I like it," said Iva.

But the smart shopping doesnt end there.

Now many stores carry a special UPC Code for apps like I-Nigma.

You simply scan the code and the reviews and details pop up, giving you more insight on the product in your hand.

But this holiday TMs best app has to be the Shopkick, it earns you points as you shop.

The more points you collect the sweeter the deal distributed through gift cards.

Meaning this Christmas shoppers armed with a smartphone can leave the store knowing they got the best bargain.

List of Best Mobile Shopping Apps:ShopSavvy: Scan barcodes with your phone and compare prices across 20,000 retailers. It also provides reviews.Available free for iPhone and Android.Shop Nearby: Shop every store with every product on the web from your iPhone.Find out which stores near you carry the products you're looking for and compare prices.Available free for iPhone or mobile browserK.RedLaser: Similar to ShopSavvy, you can scan bar coded items and compare prices from GoogleProducts and TheFind database.Available for iPhone at $1.99.Amazon: Search and compare prices from local retailers for over a million products sold on free for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.Save Benjis: Search online vendors for virtually any product to compare prices.This app also provides product descriptions and reviews. Available free for iPhone.Compare Me: If you've got two items of varying volume and need to figure out which is the better deal, CompareMe will tell you.Available for iPhone for $1.99.Coupon Sherpa: Use this app to find coupons while on the go.Just show the coupon on your phone and it'll scan at the register! Available free for iPhone.MobiQpons: This cool app will show you coupons available for stores, restaurants, and services near you.Available free for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.SnapTell: Take a photo of the cover of a CD, DVD, book, or video game and the app will identify the product and find ratings and pricing.Available free for iPhone and Android.Compare Everywhere: Scan barcodes to get product prices and reviews.It can even use Android's GPS to tell you the location and directions to the nearest store that stocks the item.Available free for Android.Buzzillions: Get product reviews on the go.Make sure the plasma TV you're eyeing at the store has user approval.Get all the reviews and ratings you need at your fingertips. Available free for iPhone.GoodGuide: Scan a barcode to see if a product is safe, healthy, and green.See detailed ratings for health, environmental and social responsibility.Available free for iPhone.Point Inside: Ever get lost while in a shopping mall, and can't even find the directory for a map?Take out your trusty phone and pull up the mall directory directly.Available free for iPhone.Slifter: Get local product search, prices, images, maps, and a personalized shopping list with this neat app.Available free for iPhone and Blackberry.Holiday Gift Guide: Browse through over a thousand items that are listed on popular holiday gift lists, and find them locally at nearby or online stores.Available free for iPhone.