Smugglers finding new ways to conceal marijuana

Vacuum packed and wrapped in home insulation-- to the human nose the smell of marijuana is masked but to a K-9 this method of packaging still needs some work.

"It did work to a point but not a hundred percent and it wasn't totally undetectable," San Juan Police Sergeant Rolando Garcia told Action 4 News.

He said these groups go to great lengths to conceal their loads.

"They go out of their way and are very ingenious in their methods, he started. So they can get as much of their product across the United States as they can."

Besides the vacuum sealed method, he said they have seen people hide dope in concrete, others inside furniture and just recently hiding the marijuana inside false compartments inside a truck made to look like pallets of wood.

"If you looked into the palettes you weren't going to be able to see the marijuana you would just see the truck full of palettes," Garcia explained.

But some of these methods can get expensive.

Garcia told Action 4 News that is why many smugglers still rely on the old cellophane wrapped bundles.

"That's really why you see some of the old forms of packing--that way it will still be cost efficient for the drugs dealers to make a profit."