So called 'sex game' targeting teens on-line

It's a racy game on Facebook that is causing quite a stir.

It's called "Smash or Pass", the pages are popping up everywhere.

It's a so called sex game where people post their picture on the page, in most cases teenagers.

Other teens chime in on whether or not they would be interested in the person sexually.

In many cases lewd comments follow the photos.

"Unfortunately many of the youngsters who are involved in these activities and this kind of technology are not the strongest emotionally and psychologically", said licensed professional counselor Dr. Susan Ander.

Ander tells Action 4 News this is a copy cat type of mentality.

"In their quest to be an individual they are all following the leader, and if the leader sets up an unhealthy situation like smash and pass or nude photos they go along with it", said Ander.

Dr. Ander adds this type of behavior is also difficult for a parent to deal with.

"Because they have to bite their tongues and act as if everything is fine so they can have a rational discussion which is hard with a teenager ."

"But they must not shut the door and condemn that's the bullet right there don't condemn leave the door open", said Ander.

In some cases situations will get worse before they get better Ander said.

With so many social forums behavior like this will continue to occur.

"We're dealing with a very sophisticated issue because of technology and it impacts all our lives but teenagers especially because they lack the judgment and they are here and now", said Ander.

Sites like this could also lead to cyber bullying.

Back in 2009 Texas Lawmakers passed a state law making on line harassment a crime.

However Dr. Susan Ander says more must be done.