Social Media: A Global Phenomenon

Picking up the phone and making a simple call is not the same nowadays.

It TMs been replaced by a new form of communication called social media.

Barrington Broadcast Vice President of Marketing Operations Troy Parkins came to the Action 4 News studio to talk about the social media global impact.

Close to one billion people rely on it to stay in contact with not just family and friends, but sometimes strangers as well.

Popular networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and YouTube.

Other sites have stemmed from these including Instagram, Foursquare and Pinterest.

Social media statistics:

Facebook: -over 900 million users -over 450 million users daily

Twitter: -over 500 million users -over 340 million tweets daily

YouTube: -one hour of video uploaded per second -as of 2011, one trillion views -140 views per person

Privacy issues are a huge concern for social media users, and many people expose so many personal details about their lives over these sites.

Troy discussed important things to keep in mind while you are surfing the net and how to safeguard your information.

-Limit what you post or say-Update your passwords every couple months-Make sure you really know who is friend requesting you

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