Social Media fueling fights at La Joya ISD

La Joya ISD Police Chief Raul Gonzalez told Action 4 News they are investigating several cases involving fights on campus"that started because of comments made on social media outlets.

"When you put it in writing and people read it people are going to interpret that information in many ways.The way it's being interpreted is hostile and they're getting into it."

Gonzalez said, while they do their best to keep kids off of these sites while at school|. "We have systems in place to prevent kids from accessing Facebook during school hours....

They have no control or even the man power to over see what happens at home.

"We're talking about 13,000 kids in the secondary level. There is no way we can monitor everyone who has a Facebook account or their texting."

That is where the parents come in, Gonzalez said.

With their help these senseless acts of violence will stop.

The district is offering help to parents with several forums that start next month.

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