Soldier mom returns home to McAllen

Michelle and Christian Wilson have spent most of their lives with one parent out of the picture.

Both of their parents are in the military.

Dad's retired, but their mom SFC Christina Wilson is still active and has been in Kuwait for a year.

We don TMt get to talk to her much but we do text a lot, said Christian.

Michelle is the only girl in the house right now and serves as big sister and mom to Christian.

"I drive so I am usually the one to take everyone where they need to go," said Michelle.

She's counting the seconds until mom comes home so she can be a kid again and prepare for her senior year of high school.

"I TMm glad she TMs finally coming home just in time for my Senior year and my brother will be a Freshman."

Seconds of anticipating her arrival turns into several minutes then hours as their soldier mom's plane is delayed.

So the Wilsons along with a local boy scout troop and family and friends wait it out.

Two hours later SFC Wilson TMs plane arrives at McAllen Miller International Airport.

"I'm so excited," said Michelle holding a sign that reads We Missed You.

In no time, SFC Wilson is reunited with her children.

"It's so great to be home with my family."

Wilson has been part of the operation to move troops out of Iraq.

"We came from 39 states to fulfill this operation," said SFC Wilson.

She's back to Mom role and couldn't be more happy to take on that mission again.

"I told my husband it TMs date night with my daughter and then we can all celebrate!"