Some RV owners opt out of South Padre Island voluntary evacuation

Every summer for the past 14 years, Sandra Saenz has camped in a trailer on South Padre Island.

"We've just always enjoyed it, said Saenz.

Saenz's time on South Padre Island has seasoned her.

She said her experience helped her create a routine every time tropical weather threatens her home.

We wait, said Saenz. When they first notify us, we listen to the news." Saenz said she balances risk with hassle.

"If you have a trailer, you just come and hook it up and take off, said Saenz. But we have a lot of things to pack, so we have to play it by ear." It seems Saenz TMs attitude is shared.

Despite dark clouds and rip tide warnings, visitors littered the beach Friday. It was a scene frustrating to some emergency responders.

"As you can see behind us, we have fishermen that are still out there trying to catch their fish, said U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Carl Hammond. And people on the beach acting as if it's a normal day, and you know it's frustrating for us to see that because we can only do so much as far as warnings."

Hammond hopes visitors avoid the already dangerous water.

He said he also hopes people like Saenz take the storm a bit more serious. An Isla Blanca Park employee told Action 4 News he did see people packing up their trailers and leaving the island.

He said those who are not leaving are being asked to tie down loose belongings.