Son claims father's body left for hours following fatal accident

Vicente Cisneros Jr. is trying to cope with the death of his father.

Cisneros says his 89 year old dad was working his yard off of Military Road in Brownsville Wednesday afternoon when tragedy struck.

Cisneros tells Action 4 News, "He had hit his head and the rock that caused a cut on his head, or it could have been a heart attack."

After seeing Cisneros' father outside unresponsive neighbors called for an ambulance that's when Cisneros TMs say things got even worse.

Cisneros TMs says, "Brownsville PD was here the forensic people were here and they did their business and picked up and left, left him there lying on the ground."

Cisneros says his father's body was sitting in the heat for hours.

Cisneros TMs tells Action 4 News, "The funeral director according to him they had given him the wrong information of where to pick up the body."

As for Cisneros TMs he wants answers, Cisneros TMs say, "I don't want to see something like this happen again."