Son finds missing former state rep.'s body in brushy area

The body of missing 79-year-old Don Lee was found Sunday morning in Harlingen.

At around 11 a.m. Sunday, the former State Representative TMs son came across the body while he was searching for his father.

Lee was found in a rural area off of Hale Drive, just a few blocks south of Ed Carey Drive.

Authorities believe he may have been dead for several days.

Lee, who had Alzheimer's, went missing from Canterbury Court facility on Thursday afternoon.

A spokesperson from the facility said Lee stacked up furniture and climbed a 10 foot wall to escape.

Since Lee went missing, authorities had been searching the area and family members had been passing out flyers.

The rural area where Lee's body was found is two blocks away from Canterbury Court.

Lee TMs other son, Delton Lee, found out about his father TMs death while he was at a morning church service.