Southmost dad jailed after daughter found wandering streets

Pedro R. Castañeda // Brownsville Police Department Photo

A Southmost father is facing criminal charges after his 5-year-old daughter got out of the house and was found wandering the streets.

Brownsville police arrested 41-year-old Pedro R. Castaeda on a child endangerment criminal negligence charge on Sunday afternoon.

Investigators told Action 4 News that Castaeda TMs wife went to work and left their children with him.

Police said the couple TMs 5-year-old daughter got outside the family TMs home and got lost on the 700 block of Hortencia Boulevard in the Southmost area of Brownsville.

Neighbors found the girl crying and called police.

The 5-year-old girl could not give police officers any good identifying information prompting them to call Child Protective Services.

Castaeda allegedly realized his daughter was missing and learned from a neighbor that she had been taken by police.

The Southmost father went to the police department to pick her up but was arrested.

Police released the girl to the custody of her mother.

Bond information for Castaeda was not immediately available.